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125th anniversary of "Nevesinje rifle"

Before the beginning of the uprising, the situation in Herzegovina was unbearable because of the merciless exploitation and political oppression of domestic feudal lords-agas and beies. The national leaders were in Montenegro where they were preparing the uprising for more than half of a year. When they came to Herzegovina in 1875, they made a plan. According to this plan the territory of Nevesinje should have been the center of the uprising. The Turks heard about this plan and intensified the terror. When the group of haiduk leader Pero Tunguz attacked the Turkish caravan on July 5th, on the road Mostar-Nevesinje, Turks from Nevesinje immediately organized the chases for haiduks. When Jovan Gutic, one of the organizers of the uprising has found out about the movement direction of Turkish guards, he went to meet them with a group of nearly eighty armed peasants. He attacked them on July 9th 1875 on Gradac mount, north of the village Krekovo. This, first clash against the Turkish armed forces was named "Nevesinje rifle". Soon, the uprising spread over almost all Herzegovina and lasted for three years.

Design: Radomir Bojanić, painter from Belgrade.

Edition: JODP Srpske Poste.

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